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Understanding our work

NOVATEM Engineering realizes studies and expertise on industrial projects on each and every aspect.

You have particular specifications and have difficulties to find a solution ? Contact us for a methodological analysis f your needs. We will then be able to offer you :

  • A formalization of your need and specification in accordance with the targeted technology
  • A global analysis of the functionality, taking into account operational constraints as well an environment ones
  • A comparative study of variants, based on the elaboration and use of analytical or digital models
  • Assistance to rationally choose the  best technical and economic compromise
  • The elaboration of a set of numeric calculation to realize a detailed dimension calculation of mechanical subsystems, electromechanical one, electronic one (power and command)
  • The realization of digital tests, to provide a first validation of a recommended solution, operating under operational and environmental constraints
  • the production and test of proof of concept, specifically destined to experimental validation and first development phase.
  • The realization of manufacturing and control files, based on the strong link between design, product and manufacturing process.
  • The design and manufacture of specific bench to test and to help the qualification of a mechatronic system.
  • Assistance on site with a dedicated team of engineers and expert technicians to smooth the operational transition of the client solution

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