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Innovation trough experience

NOVATEM leads the development of several projects around innovative embedded systems, study and expertise in the electromechanical field, the electromagnetic one and more generally in the electrical engineering field.

NOVATEM is also:

  • A company who works from the concept to functional prototype
  • PhD and engineers in constant research of innovation, wanting to spread abroad
  • An undivided team with a multidisciplinary approach, which believes in its core values and use them to produce a work of quality, precision keeping it affordable.
  • And more importantly, a work ethic and the art of fun


In order to offer you more and more innovative solutions, NOVATEM invest continuously in research and development to improve mechatronic of the future.

More specifically, our work focuses on high-performance mechatronics integration, reliability and availability of electromagnetic converters, and high frequency electromagnetic motors.

In order to satisfy your most ambitious specifications, we can offer specific studies combining for example mechatronics, electromagnetic compatibility, dimension and performance analysis, and all of that following your need in normative constraints.

NOVATEM models, creates prototypes, realize analysis and test phases for internal and external products.

Favoring a dynamic of quality and agility, NOVATEM produces and sells innovative mechatronic objects manufactured within our facilities with minimum outsourcing.

We are mostly realizing small production of operational embedded systems.


They trust us