Capacitive couplings modeling in concentrated windings

Authors : J. I. Ramos Chávez, J-M. Dienot, P-E. Vidal, C. Viguier, B. Nogarède

Date of Conference : 4-7 Sept. 2016
Conference Location : Lausanne, Switzerland
Date Added to IEEE Xplore : 03 November 2016
Publisher : IEEE


Parasitic couplings are a major contributor to electromagnetic emissions in conducted and radiated mode in electrical systems. High-frequency behavior is also determined by complex capacitive couplings among others. The faster switching of power converters feeding the machines are a major concern for premature ageing and overvoltages liked to parasitic capacitances. In this work, thorough analytical modeling of parasitic couplings between turns and the core for concentrated winding topologies is presented. The results are compared to numerical simulations.

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