Pyroelectric power harvesting using a lead-lanthanum-zirconate-titanate (7/60/40 PLZT) pyroelectric cell

Authors : D. H. Tran ; J-F Rouchon ; B. Nogarede ; C. Viguier

Date of Conference: 1-3 June 2011
Conference Location: Liberec, Czech Republic
Date Added to IEEE Xplore: 14 July 2011
Publisher: IEEE


This paper present the design and optimization of power converter for the control piezoelectric actuator (PEA). In this concept, the modeling and sizing its components concerning power electronic converter, have been proposed to optimize their operational performance of PEA such as speed, torque, power, and efficiency. The study deals the mathematical model of all parts constituting the PEA and its control. The electrical characteristics are deduced and presented by analytical model and simulation. Finally, the results of dynamic behaviour of converter and PEA lead to sizing and realization of test bench for aeronautic applications in the future works.
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